About Me

Iโ€™ve traveled throughout South East Asia studying Buddhism, Hinduism,
Christianity, and Modern Sciences learning how to live the best way
that I can for myself and for others. Check out some of the blog
entries to learn more about these ideas and teachings.

And if you want to learn a bit more about my travels, check out my MikeTheMeanderthal, travel blog with some tips on meditation and different monasteries to visit in Northern Thailand ๐Ÿ™‚

I have spent upwards of a year in silent meditation retreats in Buddhist Monasteries around the world. Predominantly in several monasteries in Northern Thailand. I absolutely fell in love with Thailand the first time I visited back in 2014. And I went back year after year for retreat after retreat. It always seemed to come after a visit back to the States. My dad always joked, "What?! You need to cleanse yourself of the USA every time you come back." No, no, no...but kind of yes. I did always feel a shift in psyche after spending enough time in the states and performing longer-term meditation in a peaceful Monastery, with teachers, without distractions really did help clear the fuzz from my mind.

And that's exactly what I want to help people find. I never noticed the "Fuzz" before, not until a long while of meditating and only after several meditation retreats. But then I would begin to notice it. "Oh...hey...there's that fuzz again." I can feel it in my head and on my forehead (it may be a different feeling for everyone). When I am getting overly stressed, anxious, procrastinating too much, eating unwell - after a time there begins this feeling I can only call "fuzzy brain". If I breath and focus on this fuzz, it feels like a light pressure, light concern, light overload - but when I meditate for a few minutes after noticing this I can feel it lift. The fuzz goes away.

This is just the very beginning of noticing, acting with purpose, taking micro-actions towards that insightful-self's wisdom, and seeing growth in yourself and in your life over time because of it <3

My Passion

Ever since I was young, 7 years old even, I remember thinking about “right” behavior. Thinking, “How can I help this person feel better?” I remember being in 2nd grade on the playground and seeing my classmate sitting all alone and crying. I walked over to her, sat down next to her and asked, “What’s wrong?” She told me what was bothering her, something about some other girls and not being inclusive, but then I had no idea how to help. I gave her a hug and then went to play soccer with my friends :p I did the best that I could at age 7! At other times I was able to help ๐Ÿ™‚

I remember being in high school having conversations about “What is the meaning of life?” I always thought that was such a simple question. After stating such, I’d get a bunch of eyes rolling at me, “Oh yeah? What is it then?” I’d respond, “To do your best to be happy, so you can do your best to help other people be happy.” I definitely never got any complaints about this thought and quite a few people offered their approving nods.

Now I’m a bit older, in my 30’s. And I still have a similar idea, but it has more nuance to it now .”Happy” is a difficult word because people have different ideas behind it’s meaning, so I’ve since liked calling it “fulfillment” instead. I see “Happy” as the overall feeling state you are in now. Kind of like a giant umbrella; your over-arching Umbrella feeling. You might feel sad, scared, joy, determined, lonely, but these are happening within the Umbrella of Happy. When you are in the Umbrella of Happy you are only there because you are acting in life in such a way that you can feel fulfilled. Congratulations!!!! I hope you are there already <3
But maybe our Umbrella isย  of Sadness, or Despair, or Depression, or Fear, or Worry. The Umbrella will change throughout our life depending on what is happening and how we are handling it. Life is impermanent, nothing will ever stay same. Not nothing, not no how. As a famous expression goes, “The only thing that’s permanent is impermanence.”

My passion is to bring meditation, mindfulness, awareness of the insightful-self, and “breath space” to people’s knowledge and daily practice. I know that this is one way to encourage and develop the ability to create change in your life in a very healthy and loving manner. I am continually researching, reading, watching, and forever learning new ways to live a fulfilling life for myself and for others ๐Ÿ™‚


My Goals

I want to create a welcoming and friendly space that enables those interested in meditation to find it easy to get started. I want people new to mindfulness and meditation to feel unabided in asking questions and experimenting with their personal practice. Whether your practice already involves meditation or exercise or yoga or journaling or reading or gaming or whatever, this is space you can come to explore your own self. Learn more about your mind. Learn more about your body. Learn more about your behaviors and how you can make changes in your life and in your self to live the best way for you.

I will never tell anyone what to do. I will offer suggestions and ask you to feel for yourself. “When I do this…How do I feel?” “Do I feel good? Ok, let me continue to do this.” “Do I feel bad? Hmmm, maybe this isn’t right for me.”ย  Build that relationship with your insightful-self, listen to the wisdom already within you, in your body, in your subconscious, in your gut, in you!