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Practical Techniques to use in daily life
Meditation techniques for formal practice


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Practical Techniques to use in daily life
Meditation techniques for formal practice



Frequently Asked Questions

I state meditation as “Purposeful Action.” Anything that you do with purposeful intention and present focus. Another way to frame it is “practicing awareness of the present moment.” When you know what you’re doing, why you are doing it, and how you are doing it and you are focused on the doing of it – this can be considered meditation.

It isn’t as easy as that sounds. So often we find ourselves in a behavioral pattern loop that we go through over and over again. One of the most common of these everyone has is when they eat. Almost no one I know consistently eats just because they’re hungry. Half the time (or more) they are eating because they are bored, they are wanted to take a break from something else, or they want to distract themselves from uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. But most of the time they are not aware of this fact. Most of the time they are thinking, “I want to eat. I must be hungry.” – but the real inner-process is more subtle, “I don’t feel great. I don’t want to focus on this. Let me get food because that’s a quick dopamine hit; an easy physical and mental distraction until these uncomfortable feelings go away.”

It is hard to admit to ourselves that we struggle to be with ourselves in silence and without distraction. Meditation helps us to create a space where we can allow our minds and bodies to process the things we too often push away and ignore. And from that practice of stilled sitting meditation, we can bring it into the activities of our everyday active lives <3

Mindfulness is the awareness we build via meditation. Mindfulness is that awareness and acknowledgement that, “I’m not actually hungry right now. I only want to eat because I’m bored and want something to do. And eating feels good.”
Mindfulness is leaning into that best version of you and becoming more readily aware of your intuition, your inner-wisdom, your Insightful-Self. The more you are able to listen, the stronger your insightful-self is able to communicate with you and the more you will feel it guiding you 🙂
I once heard it said that it’s like have a doubles tennis partner where your partner is Roger Federer. All you have to do is listen to Roger Federer! (I’m a bit of a tennis fan 🙂

I am a normal dude. I did well in school. I went to Penn State University for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. I received a Master’s Degree in Project Management while also working full-time at Lockheed Martin. I was going through the motions – not feeling great, but not feeling bad either. I had great co-workers and wonderful friends. But every year I enjoyed my job less and less until I reached a point where it was hard to fall asleep knowing that I had to wake up the next day. The anxiety of having another day like today was so stressful that I could not fall asleep.

This was when I decided to quit my career as an engineer and try to find a new life trajectory. I took a break after I quit my well-paying, secure, job at Lockheed and decided to travel for a few months. A few months turned into six years!!! During that time I have spent more than a year in silent meditation retreats at different Buddhist monasteries throughout SE Asia (check out the About Me page for more details). I learned more and more about meditation and mindfulness, as well as traditional ways of life and new paradigms of what it means to be successful. I started accepting a new model of life different to that of the “American Dream.” One more focused on community, service, love, and internal development.

Check out the different options available. Check out a free guided meditation session. Read some of the blog excerpts. Review some of the free materials online and see how you feel about all of it. If my form of explanation and thinking are helping you frame ideas in your mind then definitely book a free consultation with me down below.

If you are looking for specific help with Meditation,  book a Meditation session or package deal with me. Also check out the 30 Day Meditation Journey.

If you are looking for more help about advancing your mindfulness practice outside of meditation and really enabling yourself to make changes in your life, book a Mindfulness Coaching session or package deal with me 😀